Are you with your soulmate – 10 questions you must answer

10 questions you must answer to know if you are with your soulmate

Saying these days “Your Soulmate” is like saying that you have seen a shooting star, they exist, but not every day you can see them. Tell yourself by chance or for whatever reason, today I can say that I found my soulmate, my soulmate or the person I think will make me happy for the rest of my life, but, what about you?

If you do not know or are not sure to answer this question with absolute certainty, I invite you to read this Post until the end. In him, through my humble opinion, I tell you how I am so sure of what I feel to say that I found my perfect companion in this beautiful journey that is life.

Without further ado, I invite you to honestly and self-critically answer 10 questions. If 80% are positive responses, I am sure you have a great person by your side who deserves your love and your love.

#1- Have you managed to understand your soulmate without speaking?

A soulmate mainly knows how to respond to your emotional signals, it is not necessary at certain times that you say a single word, he / she already knows what you want or need.

#2- Would you be willing to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate?

This question is a bit strong, but believe me when I tell you that when you have your soulmate as a couple you don’t need anything else, you will feel so comfortable with your company that you want that feeling to be eternal. Your inner being will shout at the four winds that he / she is the one to form the family.

#3- Are you and your soulmate able to face the world as one person?

Twin souls are part of the same whole, if they hurt one, the other bleeds, so they will do everything possible so that their partner is not hurt by anyone. As a very pretty phrase says, “Before we were two, now we are one.”

#4- Do you feel inner peace when you are with your soulmate?

This sensation can be felt when you know in the depths of your being that your partner will be with you for a long time, that nothing is hidden and that you trust him / her with full plenitude. When your company brings you serenity, calm down and make that negative stress fly never to return.

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#5- Do you and your soulmate have a very similar world and future vision?

This is a very strong indication that you have found your counterpart, it is not easy when in a couple both parties look in different directions and the relationship resulting from it begins to break. If your partner, spouse or girlfriend / or is a supporter of your life project and your goals and ambitions, congratulations, they are on their way to a healthy and happy family.

#6- Do they challenge each other like no one can?

Everything is not always rosy, although you are with your soulmate this does not mean that they have their defects and differences. But think a little and reason, in a rocky relationship there are always life lessons that must be learned. Look at your partner as a source of support and not as that person who takes you out of your boxes, and if so, for something it will be, maybe your soul is going through some of the most difficult lessons in life.

#7- Do you and your soulmate fight side by side for the future of the relationship?

No relationship is free of conflict, even though soulmates come together, there is always that ego that speaks to us inside. A relationship will always be exposed to problems such as family situations, financial concerns, illnesses, professional uncertainty or even problems in raising children, but if your partner is the right one, they will always continue to fight together for the relationship.

#8- Is mutual respect an unwavering value of the relationship?

If there is something that should never be lost in a relationship, it is respect, when this happens, the days are numbered for everything to end. If you are with your better half, whether female or male, you will always try by all means to preserve this faultless aspect, even over the years. But if by chance you were wrong at some point, he / she will recognize your mistake and try to amend it immediately, these things are only done by soulmates.

#9- Do you put your partner above your personal interests and ambitions?

The personal interests of a person are something very important in life, we cannot live in this world without goals or aspirations, otherwise we had no reason to exist or get up every morning. But if you are with your soulmate, and there is some element that is hindering the correct development of the relationship, without hesitation this will temporarily set aside that objective to see what agreement can be reached. For a soulmate, the most important thing is you and your happiness.

#10- Have you been faithful all the time?

This aspect is worth explaining, for a soulmate there is no other woman / man in the world than you. With you they have everything and for nothing in the world they would risk losing it for a crazy and meaningless night, this will seem platonic, but if you are with your soulmate, nothing is impossible.

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What do you think of this topic, are you with your soulmate and did not know, leave your comment and your experiences?