On this occasion we decided to choose PANDORA HEART EARRINGS as an earring representation for its long history and undeniable reputation. There are few girls who choose this company for its precious jewels, be they bracelets, necklaces, accessories or as in this case earrings.

Our work group has made an exceptional selection of the best of PANDORA in heart-shaped earrings, with its characteristic prices and of course, with its well-known quality and popularity in the world of fashion and luxury. We hope you can enjoy our products and incidentally if you are bewitched, buy one for yourself or for your beautiful wife, grandmother, mom, aunt, or just for gifts from friends, in advance I assure you that they will love it.





As you know, PANDORA has built over the years a reputation for iron in the world of jewelry. Not by pleasure most people around the world know this name, from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, etc.

PANDORA’s favorite material in the manufacture of its jewels is 925 sterling silver, with zirconia or brilliant gems, but you can also find gold garments and highly expensive, there are all prices. I assure you that if Articles of Hearts recommends some earrings for its clients, they are definitely the ones that I will show you on this page.



You will know that the PANDORA jewelry brand, among the many of its features, we must point out its constant renewal in the so-called seasons (winter season, Valentine’s Day, for Mother’s Day, etc.). Wearing heart earrings Pandora shows you popularly that you are fashionable and that you like quality clothes.

If you want to be part of this highly popular movement in the world of jewelry, then I and my team invite you to buy any of these earrings. You will be surprised at the amount of praise you will live on a day-to-day basis, either from your friends or from the opposite sex. Renew your image and tell the world that you are also young, modern and daring.



As I told you, when you buy the first PANDORA jewel you begin to experience a totally different world. You will feel that you are in the world of unleashed glamor and that all people have to do with you. You will notice that more and more you will want to dress completely with the complete PANDORA line and that is normal, even famous people fall under their charms.

By dressing PANDORAS jewelry you will live new experiences, you will be aware of the new accessories of the seasons and each jewel you get will have a special meaning in your life. What to say about bracelets with their accessories to tell your life in a story. Nothing, that words fall short to describe those feelings, therefore, I invite you to live them and tell us how it was after the change.



One of the many specialties of this famous global company are the earrings of hearts, why ?, because it is nothing more and nothing less than the flagship symbol of love, the standard flag of lovers and the kind of jewel that will always be Visible to other people. PANDORA has dedicated a lot of work and effort to achieve new designs based on this special form of hearts, and of course, has obtained many benefits from it, the main one, that people choose her over many other jewelry companies.



As you will have noticed throughout your life, a company always sells by categories, and in the case of Pandora this pattern does not change, in the case of the category of earrings, we would love to show you the best sellers throughout history. . If most people are choosing it for some reason, it may also be for you the need you were looking for.

Without further ado I leave you with the best-selling PANDORA earrings so far.


If you have not found a PANDORA Heart Earrings of your liking or simply none adapted to your needs you can press the button below to see more designs



What earrings are you wearing today?

At present, taking into account the wide variety of shapes, designs and sizes existing in the world of earrings and fashion, the earrings that are most used without doubt are the rings or rings, as it is said in your country , here is an example, the best selling on Amazon so far.


Why you should buy PANDORA HEART EARRINGS?

If you are an inveterate romantic, you like hearts, and you like to wear things with hearts, for there is nothing there you have 3 justifications, the most solid to buy earrings of hearts. However, I exemplify some more: they show that you are a person of pure feelings, show that you are a simple and simple person, show that you have good taste, go according to the fashion of 2020, etc.


What should a baby’s earrings look like?

It is important the issue of earrings in babies, there are people who recommend putting them and some who do not, any of the two people you are, or if you are simply considering this important issue these days, because I tell you some tips you should have in mind depending on how the earrings of the babies should be.

  • Simplicity: The first of all the features that you should keep in mind is the simplicity of the jewel, it should not weigh too much, it should not have hanging elements so that no tears are given by pulling and of course, the rings or rings are discarded, In conclusion, they should be pending that remain attached to the ear.
  • Quality materials: This is another fundamental aspect, they must be hypoallergenic materials such as silver and 14k gold. This will prevent allergic reactions, irritations or any unwanted symptoms.
  • Thin thickness of the intern inserted in the ear: Well, the filament that is inserted in the ear must be thin, most baby jewelry looks optimized, but we must look at it anyway.
  • Screw or back of the round earrings: Adults frequently wear earrings that the back is very sharp and this in a baby is very dangerous, therefore it is advisable earrings with a round terminal or simply the thread closures that hide the tip of the screw.


When putting a baby earrings ?

There are many discrepancies in this matter since in some cultures the gap of the earring is usually opened when the baby is born, while others wait for that girl or boy to be of age and decide for himself whether or not he wants to do so. In any side you find we will give you our advice from what age it is most advisable to perform this action.

Usually specialists from the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) have proclaimed that if a correct procedure is performed in the drilling and if they are given the necessary care and follow-ups after the operation, there is no danger. But as they themselves say, it is better to wait relatively until 2 years of age, until after the baby receives the first dose of vaccines so that he obtains greater resistance to infections and inconveniences that this could bring with him.

In fact, in the United States the piercing of ears in babies is not frequented, so in this country an infant is considered as an exception that has pierced ears and looks outstanding.

Anyway, this is a very personal decision but there will always be guidelines to follow for all proceeding, our particular advice, wait until at least 2 years, you will definitely be saving many problems and avoiding them, remember, health comes first.


Where to put a baby earrings?

There are many places to put earrings for babies and anyone but of course there are some more recommended and more reliable than others, here I leave a list of the best in descending order, that is, from more recommended to less recommended, I hope it is useful.

  • Hospitals: in some hospitals almost always private, they can put the earring on the baby.
  • Nurses: In clinics or at home, there are nurses who could put the earring hole in your baby. This is the most recommended because it is a professional health staff that offers more guarantees.
  • Pharmacies: Although it is a more advisable place that others is not the best option, since pharmacists are not pediatricians or nurses with clinical experience.
  • Jewelers: There are some jewelers who can provide this service but it would not be the most advisable considering that they are human with little defense in their body.
  • Piercing establishments: it is even less recommended since they are not used to working with babies.