There is no birthday in which a pinata is missing, this is already a tradition and an important part in which children have fun at the time of breaking it and at the time of obtaining their gifts. There are also other events such as weddings and baby showers in which it is becoming very fashionable to use this type of thing. In this section you can buy some offers of HEART PINATA that we think you might be interested in, all with heart design or heart shape, made of mache paper or cardboard.

We will start showing unicorn pinata with hearts, for birthdays, for baby showers, gender reveal parties, weddings, and we will end with personalized pinatas with photos. We hope that some help you and can find what you are looking for, while being satisfied and happy with these cheap and high quality pinata.





Without any doubt I could say that one of the most popular pinatas today is the Unicorn Pinata, and these mythological animals undoubtedly manifest among many things purity, confidence and joy. If we also add hearts, it would be the perfect design for your girl’s pinata. Well friend, here I have for you a summary but excellent offer of lovely Unicorns Pinatas with Hearts so that you stay at ease and make your beloved daughter happy.



When we are children, one of the most important days of the year is precisely the day of our birthday. We all look forward to that day eager to set up a party and have a great time. Well, today, helping to fulfill your children’s dream, I bring you birthday pinatas with hearts, with prices of laughter and with excellent quality. Some are shaped like numbers for different ages, others with a heart shape, with authentic and modern Disney designs, really lovely.



When it comes to organizing a baby shower, the most important thing is the effort you put into it and the desire you make for everything to go as planned and all the participants, say family and friends, can have a great time. The idea of using a baby shower pinata in this event is super ingenious and original, since everyone will enjoy this moment, both children and adults, surely even adults remember their childhood. This pinata must follow the style of the party decoration or simply the taste of the promoters. In this section, we will undoubtedly present you with great offers for these pinatas, stroller, lollipop, unicorn, all made with excellent materials.



The party for the revelation of a baby’s gender as the name implies, in a nutshell is about the question of whether the baby that is about to reach the world will be male or female, in other words, female or male, boy or girl, etc.

But you may wonder, how are people about to be parents going to ignore the gender of their baby? Well, the parents, ask the doctors not to tell you this information and to transmit it to a close person of complete confidence, who will be responsible for carrying the weight of the news and organizing the party.

Many activities take place around this event, but the main course is undoubtedly the moment when the baby’s gender is finally known. This is done in several ways, with confetti inside balloons, balls, confetti guns, boxes with balloons or one of the most popular shapes with pinatas and pink or blue confetti. Well today for you, I bring you extraordinary pinata offers for gender reveal party.



The weddings pinata is a new trend in the wedding parties, one of the objectives is to entertain guests and mark an unforgettable moment of fun and laughter. A wide range of ages must be taken into account so that everyone can participate, filling it with candies such as candies and chocolates, and sometimes with an extra of rice, so that the guests do not think that the bride and groom will be the only ones to receive the rain of rice . Therefore, in this section we bring you a small but special selection to make your wedding more enjoyable and fun, cheap pinata and with guaranteed quality.



It is not very common to use pinatas for wedding parties, but little by little this is changing. And if you think about it a little and give it three turns in the head they would make sense. It would be a time when everyone would remember their childhood stage. In addition, not only can you add candy, they could be wedding souvenirs, such as keychains and other personalized objects with the photo of the bride and groom, or they could simply be used for decorating the event, anyway, nowadays more and more Custom pinatas are seen at weddings.
Anyway, if you decide, I leave 3 designs that you can customize with the profiles and photos of the bride and groom.


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Whenever we are going to make the filling of a pinata for birthdays we have 2 options.

  • Candies, jams or sweets: This is the most common filling in a pinata and the one that should never be lacking is the one that children like the most.
  • Gifts and souvenirs of the party: Another very common method of filling a pinata is with children’s toys such as plastic glasses, whistles, plastic trumpets, balloons, confetti, masks, rubber animals, balls, bracelets, and a long list of other products.

Today the process of filling a pinata is very simple. In Amazon there are excellent offers of packs that bring everything from gifts for the party to sweets and delicious sweets by quantity. If what you want is an original pinata filling and a cheap pinata filling, I recommend these offers.

If you want to use sweets or goodies I can suggest these products.


In the case of gifts and souvenirs to fill a pinata I could recommend these offers.



To break a pinata and enjoy sweets and gifts there are two options:

  • The first is pulling the pinata with strings that are inserted in it, this option is only possible in case the pinata comes included with the cords.
  • The second is hitting the pinata. By far this is the most fun and is that adults hold a pinata with a rope or support and the boy or girl taking a stick or some tool that is sometimes included with the pinatas and blindfolded will give blows Like a machine until what is expected by the boys falls to the ground. You have to do it to experience how fun it is, but always with this method adults should take special care with other children to avoid damage, always keep the child’s distance from the stick.