In this section you can find HEART CARPETS and heart-shaped comfortable and charming. They are made of different materials, such as micro-fiber, synthetic sheepskin, vinyl, rubber, among others. The modalities that we will present you are Carpets for bathroom, House Entrance, Rooms, Kitchen, Cars, Babies, for Living Room, all with original heart designs. We will present the 9 best offers and carpets for each modality mentioned above, do not waste this opportunity and get one of these wonderful carpets.




For all those people who like to have an entrance to their cozy house, a carpet of hearts would be a great idea for it. It could also be some fun, casual and original carpet that made you smile every morning when you go to work, school, or when you arrive home exhausted. All these things are fulfilled by our carpets, there are all colors and tastes, I’m sure you will love some. All have been chosen with great love and affection to meet that need that we know you have.



Regardless of whether a carpet of hearts can be very cozy in a bathroom, they are extremely useful. Some serve as non-slip in bathtubs or on the wet and damp floor, others simply serve to give comfort to the stay in this place. Among our models you will find large, original, beautiful and tailored rugs. But above all, I recommend any of these models that are on sale, that is, cheap carpets, price bargains, you understand me.



Anyone feels comfortable walking barefoot on carpets in their room. For the lovers of the hearts we bring you today spectacular carpets for personalized rooms with hearts, some with phrases, others original and fun, but absolutely all with good prices and economic, value for money guaranteed. Excellent for decorating rooms for boys, girls, teenagers and for a treat, why not.



It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big, small, modern or old style, you could always use one of these heart rugs to stylize and decorate it. Studies have shown that human beings when we are in an environment of great comfort, conditioned by ourselves, and personalized to our liking, we feel much better, increases our efficiency in the work we do and we feel happier. Therefore, I invite you to use one of these amazing carpets once and for all, quality is guaranteed, and cheap prices too.



Hearts Items specializes so much in hearts that we bring you this time floor mats for cars, cars or cars, as you wish to call it. We specialize in showing you optimal quality products, cheap, and special to your needs and needs, rubber, resistant, even rudder covers included in the offer, spectacular. These mats more than a luxury are a necessity in our cars. They help collect dust and dirt from our feet thus preventing the car from being damaged. Feel free to choose any of these offers, each one is special.



Surely somewhere in your home there is a hallway, or maybe more than one, with the offers that I bring you today you can decorate these halls so that every time you look at it, you feel that it is original, modern, comfortable, every time that you walk and walk through them you will feel that it is fun, you will achieve with this an authentic touch to the decoration of your home. We also care about the prices of these carpets, without a doubt they are cheap, cheap and of good quality, come on, I bring you offers that you can not refuse.



In premature ages, babies need to exercise their tiny body, one of the activities they develop is crawling. In this section I bring you the 9 best carpets for babies, all personalized with hearts or to give special care to your child, non-slip, soft and comfortable to avoid falls, blows. Another offer is the gym mats for babies, they help develop the baby’s senses, his physical form, intelligence.



In this section we bring you the most romantic, beautiful and original heart room rugs you’ve ever seen. With them you can decorate your home or prepare a special motif like Valentine’s Day, to give that special person a big surprise. Undoubtedly a carpet like this gives an authentic and unique touch to your environment and makes you enjoy being in the living room. Prices for all budgets and many special offers of great quality and cheap, Your opportunity to make one of these custom room rugs with hearts.


If the wide offer we present to you was not within your needs, you can always press the button below to see more products of hearts.



Why should I buy a HEART CARPET?

Friend, believe me when I tell you that buying carpets for decorating your home is always a pleasure. These generate comfort by cushioning the noise of our footsteps, warmth against cold pavements, division and framing of spaces and environments depending on their size, color design, shape and texture and the manufacturing material.

Bestseller No. 1
LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rugs Fluffy Living Room Carpets Suitable for Children Bedroom Home Decor Nursery Rug 4x5.3 Feet, Gray
5,613 Reviews
LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rugs Fluffy Living Room Carpets Suitable for Children Bedroom Home Decor Nursery Rug 4x5.3 Feet, Gray
  • EXTRA SOFT AREA RUG: LOCHAS rug is incredibly soft and features a top layer of fluffy velvet with sponge interlayer, which is more softer and luxurious underfoot. Its comfy and warm fabric is very family-friendly and shields toes from the cold floor.
  • DESIGN: Beautiful color, back with anti-slip dots, super soft feeling, the fur is approx 4.5cm high, but you will also feel a little thin and lightweight the rug is because of the softness of the fabrics.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply vacuum with a hand-held vacuum. Dust and dirt on surface can be removed easily. For a deeper clean, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Allow your rug to fully air dry before next use. Do not use bleach. The rug pack in a vacuum bag, the thickness will recover within two days and will not affect its usage.
  • WIDE VERSATILITY: This is a very nice shaggy kid's bedroom rug, perfect for your boy, girl room or classroom, it looks beautiful, this rug is the best option. Also suitable for home decor, living room rugs, area rugs, dorm rugs, nursery for baby crawling, yoga mat etc.
  • LOCHAS modern indoor rug is designed for luxurious feeling and comfort. Soft to the touch, warm and beautiful, not shed and not fade, skin-friendly. If you are at all unsatisfied, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


How to clean carpets at home with homemade products?

The quintessential and infallible method of completely cleaning a carpet is specialized products for cleaning carpets that are sold in any market or online. But from home we could also use other forms that may not be as efficient, but cheaper and with acceptable results.
In the event that the dirt was simply dust, with the indicated vacuum it is enough, even, there are some robot vacuum cleaners that do the task automatically, great e. Otherwise, if it were a stain we would already be talking about something else.
For the task we will need some materials, such as broom or brush, vacuum cleaner, borax and cornmeal.

  1. We will start using the broom or brush to remove or remove lint, dust, filaments, or maybe some other object categorized as dirt.
  2. Using a part of borax and two parts of corn you can make a powder to loosen dry spots, prevent the appearance of mold, etc.
  3. To test if this remedy damages the carpet, it must first be tested in a small part in the corner, if everything goes well, the dust will spread throughout the surface of the carpet and leave it there for an hour less, then remove it with the vacuum cleaner . With this we are also removing bad smells.
  4. Finally, any carpet cleaning product can be applied by taking the directions on the carpet label to avoid unnecessary damage.
  5. Avoid stepping on the carpet until it is completely dry.

This method does not do magic, but it reinforces the cleaning of the carpet with other alternative methods to achieve maximized results.