We all know that there is no better gift for a lady than an article with hearts, an unquestionable symbol of love and purity of thought towards that person. Well, in this section you can find the best HEART BRACELETS to give on February 14 or day of friends and lovers, on an anniversary, birthday, or simply because you want to give an original gift to that woman you love so much. Made with silver, gold, stainless steel, thread, or simply with the most modern and original designs of the year 2019. Feel the real satisfaction of providing that beloved person a joy with our hearts.



Silver Bracelets with Hearts

Silver is a relatively inexpensive precious metal with which jewels are made that conquer fashion every year. This time we take the opportunity to select for you some special offers in terms of design and prices that will surely conquer your taste and that of the lucky person. Discover a new world of silver heart bracelets, from rigid, adjustable or extensible, to some with precious stones that will mean true gifts for all those women in love.


PANDORA Hearts Bracelets

PANDORA as always setting trends. If you want a bracelet with which you can form a story of memories, special, and personalized just for you, this is your best option. A little expensive, yes, but they are worth their weight in gold, you can add pendants or charms as they are popularly known with many meanings. This company often generates special editions such as winter, Valentine’s, Christmas, where you can buy them. Each pandora charm has a meaning, a name, and a soul in itself. With these bracelets you can tell the story of your life, your relationship, or just what you want.


Gold Hearts Bracelets

Gold, a classic in jewelry and fashion, perhaps because it is expensive and accessible only to few people. The truth is that it never goes out of style and more and more artisans and jewelers achieve extraordinary designs. This time we show you bracelets with golden hearts, without a doubt a gift for a lifetime and future generations, of course, with proper care. Make your wife feel special by making an extra sacrifice on the gift you buy. Make him feel the satisfaction of the expensive and the exclusive.


Stainless Steel Bracelets with Hearts

Stainless steel bracelets are characterized by being very durable and resistant, in fact, this metal is also widely used in rings and necklaces. On this occasion we present you heart bracelets made of stainless steel, it could simply be what you are looking for, beauty, originality and good prices. I invite you to observe them yourself and reach your own conclusions. Maybe someone will make you fall in love.


Alex and Ani Bracelets with Hearts

Surely you will meet the incredible Alex and Ani, American retailer and producer of jewelry with a great reputation and creator of trends in bracelet fashion. Well, this time we have made a selection of what we consider to be the best heart bracelets manufactured by Alex and Ani. You can find them of different designs, colors and sizes. If you are a fan of this company and its products, as well as a lover of hearts, we believe that these offers were made especially for you.


Customizable HEART BRACELETS with names

Wearing a bracelet with your name is not very common, we do not often see this type of jewelry in people, but we will change that. If you are one of the people who have always wanted to wear bracelets with names and hearts, then welcome to this section. In it you will find a good variety of products with the possibility that you can personalize it with your name or with the name of the person you wish to give it to. We have them made of leather, stainless steel, silver, or simply common metal.



Leather bracelets are another classic in fashion, they give a different touch to your personality and are ideal for special occasions or daily use. Today we intend to show you an extraordinary selection of heart bracelets made of leather and metals such as silver and stainless steel. We just want to contribute our grain of sand to your look and provide you with original offers, tempting and personalized with hearts.


Initial and Heart Bracelets

Bracelets with initials are excellent gifts for anyone not only because it highlights their identity and gives a clue of their name or that of their partner, but because in combination with bracelets made of thread, leather or some precious metal they end up being very sought after accessories and used by young and not so young. The truth is that an initial bracelet will never go out of style, much less if it is accompanied by the symbol that characterizes love, hearts.


Heart Thread Bracelets

There are those who say that first dead than simple, I personally believe that quite the opposite, in simplicity is beauty and beauty. There is nothing like a delicate hand wearing one of these bracelets of thread and hearts every day. Make a difference and take out that delicate woman inside. On the other hand, if you are thinking about it for a gift, I recommend it for its excellent prices and refined taste.


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Spiritual meaning of the red bracelets

The color red is considered by many as a protector of the soul and insulator of bad vibes in our lives, what is commonly known as a bad eye or an evil eye (ability of some people to harm only with their eyes). There are few people who use red bracelets to feel protected. Many consider that this type of bracelets should be used on the left arm and wrist because this is the receiving side of the body and soul.

We can also put extra knots to strengthen the protective capacity of the bracelet. Of course, the bracelet must be purchased and not taken from a clothes or asked for someone.

We must also ask someone who wishes us the good to bind us and when they do, think of good things they want for our lives. If you are an observer you will have noticed that many celebrities also use this method of protection.

Why should we wear bracelets with eyes?

The Turkish or Nazar eye is a symbol and amulet of protection against the evil eye. Its use has been recognized since ancient times and today it is widespread in all cultures of the world. Its meaning and its function depend on color:

  • Blue Eye: Associated with water is the most common and sign of good karma. Widely used for protection against the evil eye and bad vibes.
  • Turkish blue sky eye: It is directly linked to the sky and its color, symbolizes truth and tranquility.
  • Turkish red eye: Directly linked with blood and love, the color of desire, passion, determination and energy.
  • Yellow Eye: Like the color of the sun, it means vitality and strength.
  • Turkish green eye: predominant color in nature, symbolizes hope and personal growth.
  • White Turkish eye: Associated with natural light symbolizes goodness, innocence, purity and perfection.
  • Violet Eye: Purely mystical color, associated with magic, power and ambition.