In this shop you will find a great variety of SILVER HEART RINGS with the quality you deserve, the material of manufacture is S 925 – sterling or sterling silver. Silver, in jewelry is very fine, in addition to economic for any woman, not only for an occasional departure, but for the daily use of the garment. If you like the silver color as it looks on your skin here we will show you a set of rings with zirconia, sapphire, ruby, diamonds or diamonds. In our store Articles Hearts we also took into account that these rings can be personalized with your name, date or phrase, you will not regret it, the gift you are looking for is found here.




We often look for jewelry or in this case simple, fine, delicate and cheap rings that are consistent with our physical proportions or our tastes, and here is an opportunity for your search intention to be satisfied. We have taken care to select some designs of silver rings with these characteristics so you do not have to take that trouble, your happiness is our happiness. Without further ado, I leave you to enjoy these beautiful offers of Cheap, Simple, Fine and Hearts Silver Rings.



It’s amazing how Pandora continues to surprise us with her jewelry designs, and this time with hearts rings. There is no doubt that this company has marked a before and after in fashion with silver jewelry, so today, we intend to show you some of its most beautiful and popular rings, I am sure that more than one you will like.



The wide and robust rings give a special touch to your personality, usually tend to be used on the thumb and almost always worn by people of strong and dominant temperament. The offers that we intend to show you today of this type of silver rings were selected with much love taking care of your pocket, but without ceasing to prioritize the quality and exclusivity of the design, true masterpieces. Without further ado I leave you to enjoy these products that were chosen precisely for you, who knows, you may not contain yourself and end up buying some.



Today there are many people who like plain rings, yes those, those who don’t have gems. It may be because of fear that the stones will fall for daily use or some other reason, but the truth is that more and more these rings are bought more frequently. Having this idea in mind we have selected 9 smooth silver rings with designs of hearts in case you were looking for one by chance, they are adjustable, others rotate on their axis, other anti-stress, an excellent variety.



When we have a partner we always like to share everything, our life, tastes, our soul, and even products to be able to use at the same time and stand out above others who love each other and who are a modern and fun couple. This time we decided to introduce some couples rings made of 925 silver so you can combine with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or friends. We hope you can find something that suits your needs and makes you happy above all.



If you ever wanted to have a ring that represents who you are, or that reminds you of your relatives, children, brothers, husband, this is your chance. Today we are going to offer you personalized silver rings with names and with gems according to the birth dates of the names you want to engrave. Discover a personalized world to your liking like never before.



Girls also have their needs to wear rings with children’s designs, original, in accordance with their tastes as a child at last and that are not harmful to their health and skin. To meet all these requirements we have 9 silver hearts rings for girls that you will love. If you give one to your daughter, you will see that she will never take it away and it will be a way to always keep you in mind, to look at it and say, this is given to me by my dad, my mom, my friend, my aunt or uncle , or any other person. Give your girl joy and happiness with one of these amazing rings.



Once and for all, the best silver rings with initials and hearts, the best way to wear a unique jewel that says who you are with just one letter and a special design.


If you have not found the product you were looking for, if none you liked or did not adapt to your needs, you can press the button below to see more SILVER RINGS WITH HEARTS



Where to buy cheap silver rings?

The best place where you can get a silver ring at a good price is undoubtedly Amazon, an unsurpassed store when we talk about offers, discounts, customer service and seriousness in what they do. Without a doubt, they are the best, whatever you want, they have it and I say it from my own experience.

What does it mean to dream of silver rings?

As I was investigating, it seems that dreaming about silver rings has several meanings, in general these are objects that represent a sentimental stability in your life, here I will show you each and every one of the options for you to decide which one adapts more to your context.

  1. Option # 1: Dreaming of a silver ring is a reflection of the potential within you. Mark the moment where we should set priorities and get down to work, it is your inner self telling you that you must decide and take advantage of the opportunity you have before your eyes.
  2. Option # 2: Dreaming of silver rings sometimes means that you should rely more on your personal intuition.
  3. Option # 3: Dreaming of silver rings has the meaning that new challenges in your life could approach.
  4. Option # 4: Sometimes also dreaming of sterling silver rings means that you should pay more attention to your close people and loved ones.
  5. Option # 5: Dreaming of silver rings is an indication of some financial success in the near future.
  6. Option # 6: If in your dreams you see a silver ring, this would symbolize the great rapport you have with your partner.

Why does my silver ring turn black?

That when wearing a ring or any other silver jewel it turns black does not mean that it is jewelry of poor quality or anything like that, you could simply conclude that the sweat of your skin is acidic enough to a sulfurization process occurs upon contact with silver, that is, it is as if it were the normal oxidation process of iron in contact with the oxygen of natural air.

When this process occurs, it is best to clean the silver immediately so that the results of this process do not continue to accumulate, which would make it increasingly difficult to clean the jewel.

As a summary I will list the 5 most common causes that would make your silver ring go dark and lose its shine:

  1. A PH of the skin acid enough that when it comes into contact with the ring it would begin to deteriorate it. A more acidic PH will help accelerate this process.
  2. Depending on the type of water in the area where we reside. Waters with a high sulfide content will affect our piece when we clean it or simply if we wear it when washing our hands.
  3. The use of colognes and perfumes also affects the deterioration. The chemical components or soaps influence the oxidation process of the pieces.
  4. The place where we store the silver must be taken into account.
  5. The amount of sulfur that exists in the environment where we live.

What should we consider when buying Sterling Silver Heart Rings?

Well boys and girls, the first thing to consider when buying a ring is the durability of this, depending on the material of manufacture and these characteristics. In the case of silver, it should be taken into account that the material must be coined with the S 925 seal that states that the ring or garment is made of solid silver with that level of impurity. We must verify the color of the material, if it presents irregularities in the surface and that the purchase is made in a guaranteed entity in case of any problem.

Another aspect to take into account is the originality of the ring since this will reflect part of you, therefore, you must choose a garment that suits you, your use is comfortable and you feel that it is ideal.

Why should you buy an S 925 Silver Hearts Ring?

Silver jewelry in its history was widely used by women in events where people with high economy attended to give a vision of greatness and security when being courted, or accompanying her husband, because without a doubt the silver gives her elegance to women. The rings with silver hearts, besides being fine and economical, are durable, they are in great demand in the market because the price-quality ratio is excellent. It is incredible the opportunities that life gives us, it puts us in the exact place the exact moment, giving you the opportunity to buy a ring so cheap and at the same time so luxurious.

Types of silver rings

Silver rings can be divided into two types, plain or stoneless rings and rings with stones or gems. The rings with stone are very elegant and beautiful, but they are less resistant than the smooth product that the stones can fall and break, either by blows, falls from the ring, in addition to hinder cleaning compared to the smooth rings. Both the smooth and the rings with gems have great fame in the market because they are very original when it comes to providing us with their own qualities such as fragility, greatness, strength and robustness.