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What does the S 925 seal mean in silver jewelry?

The S 925 is a seal that must always be present in silver jewels, it is a wedge that could be said officially that manufacturers must put to identify everything that is made with silver. It simply means that of the total weight of the metal used, 92.5% is silver and the other 7.5% is copper, that simple.

What is the difference between 925 silver and 950?

Taking into account the above, the differences between 925 silver and 950 are the following:

  • Jewelry made of 925 silver is composed of 92.5% silver and the other part, 7.5%, of copper.
  • Garments made with the so-called 950 silver are composed of 95% silver and the other 5% copper.
  • The jewel made with 950 silver is more ductile and malleable than 925.
  • 950 silver is less prone to the oxidation process, and therefore darkens less with time and use.

How to recognize silver jewelry at a glance and for free?

For this we have several methods, if we combine them all, we can have a great percentage of certainty about whether the jewel we have or have just bought is sterling silver.

Option 1: Check the seal of law with which the silver jewel was made (800, 900, 925, 950, 999)

This method is the easiest that we can carry out since in almost all countries manufacturers are obliged to coin the law of the jewel metal they created, both for gold and for silver. They also usually stamp the company’s stamp as a sign of originality next to the law seal, so just by looking for them we will already have an idea of ​​where the matter is going, but I warn, this form is not decisive.

Option 2: Pouring bleach into a part that is not displayed on the silver jewel

Although bleach is an aggressive chemical, if this method is practiced correctly and the chemical is not abused, there is no danger of damage, the effects caused are reversible. But to be safer, if possible, we must carry it out on a part of the garment that is not displayed. Since bleach is a very powerful oxidizing agent, we will use this property to detect real silver.

We should only put a few drops of bleach on top of the silver and wait for the effect caused, if the area turns dark, we are in the presence of oxidized silver, and therefore, congratulations, your jewel is silver. On the other hand, if it does not take any effect, it is most likely that you have been scammed and the item is not silver.

To eliminate the effects produced by the test only with paste, water and a brush this will look like new. Otherwise, you can use professional methods to clean silver.

Option 3: Using a magnet to detect non-silver ferromagnetic metals

Friend, if your silver jewel adheres to a magnet or reacts on the move with its approach, I fear to tell you that unfortunately it is not silver. Silver is a material with paramagnetic properties, so the influence of magnetic fields on this metal is insignificant.

Option 4: The ice test to know if your jewel is silver or alpaca

This experiment when I witnessed it for the first time I was surprised, when I read what the silver ice test was, I said, Na !!, that’s a story, so when I saw that it was true I was very surprised. On the subject, this test is very simple, just enough to get a small square of ice that we have at home and a silver jewel that we want to see if it is really silver.

Put the ice on a surface and press it over with the metal of the silver jewel, you will see that the part of the ice that makes contact will begin to melt quickly, proof that it is silver, thus fulfilling the property of great thermal conductivity of this metal. So that you have an analogy, it is as if you put a hot object on the ice, (I am sure that if you are reading this, you will run quickly to the kitchen in search of an ice and a silver jewel to run the test, I did the same).

On the other hand, if what you want is to compare the result with an alpaca jewel, I inform you that the alpaca is not a good thermal conductor like silver, so it will not melt at the same speed.

Advantages of buying silver necklaces

Silver pendants are usually very elegant and inexpensive gifts, which serves as a present for any occasion, because what woman in your life has not used a necklace. Set the trend with a new look, you will be the center of attention, I assure you.

Why should you buy in the Hearts Items online store?

The Silver Hearts Necklaces that we present in this online store have a great variety of shapes, sizes and beauty. In addition, these have excellent prices with great quality in all products. Girls and boys, take advantage of the offers of the cheap prices we have in silver heart pendants, so that you or your partner look like a princess and feel full of love. All products in this section are made of 925 sterling silver or sterling. And finally, of originality we are left over.